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My new book, Just Vibrations: The Purpose of Sounding Good, is now available from University of Michigan Press

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               Named a Book of the Year 2016 in Times Higher Education

I teach music, media, ethics, and cultural studies at Dartmouth College. My research advocates for the adoption of interpersonal care as a core—rather than merely extracurricular—component of daily labor (academic and otherwise). For me, musicology and musicianship entail listening for accessible worlds.

My first book, Sound Play: Video Games and the Musical Imagination, was published by Oxford University Press in 2014. My second book is called Just Vibrations: The Purpose of Sounding Good, published in 2016 by University of Michigan Press (available both in print and Open Access). Forthcoming books include All the Beautiful Musicians (Oxford University Press), Touching Pitch: Dirt, Debt, Color (University of Michigan Press), and the edited volume Queering the Field (Oxford University Press, with Greg Barz).

I blog for Huffington Post and have written op-eds for TIME, Washington Post, Pacific Standard, Slate, and, as well as academic articles for Critical Inquiry, Ethnomusicology, Journal of the American Musicological Society, Journal of the Society for American Music, 19th-Century Music, and Cambridge Opera Journal.

In past years, I've enjoyed giving piano recitals featuring improvisations on themes called out by the audience.